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Privacy Policy: and it’s affilates

Revised November 2, 2015

Each time you access or use (the site), you are indicating your acceptance of our Privacy Policy. If you choose not to accept the Privacy Policy (subject to updates without notice), then you must immediately discontinue use of the site.

Your Personal Information

The personal information you provide on this site (including contact information) may be used for the purposes of (but not limited to):
  • Communicate with you about your inquiries
  • Enforce the Terms and Conditions
  • Moderate and/or control use of the site in any manner
  • Keep you informed of new features, services, etc.
By using this site, you give us permission to communicate with you via e-mail. If you wish to be contacted via mobile alert, then you give the site permission to send text messages to your mobile device. You will be responsible for any data usage fees that may arise.


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